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For endurance events (races such as running, cycling, triathlon, etc.) and team sport competitions (games, meets, matches, or tournaments). You will receive a detailed fueling and hydration plan for the big day, from waking up in the morning, through the event, to going to bed that night. This custom plan is created based upon your past race/competition experiences, what you have practiced in training, projected conditions, performance goals, and dietary or taste preferences.

Event Day Fuel Plan might be for you if you:

  • Want a specific plan for hydration and energy sources, amounts, and timing before/during/after an event
  • Have practiced fueling during training but want more confidence for the event itself
  • Need to adjust for new event conditions (weather, elevation, schedule, etc.)
  • Are at least 2 weeks out from your event (if it is closer, we may not be able to guarantee a plan turnaround in time – please message us to check)

Event Day Fuel Plan includes:

  • Assessment of Fuel/Hydration Questionnaire (emailed within 24 hours of purchase) to determine personal dietary preferences and nutrition used in past events and training
  • Detailed instructions for energy and hydration sources to consume pre-event, during the event, and after the event based on event conditions and performance goals
  • Strategies for dealing with travel and event logistics (making breakfast in hotel room, transporting foods to event, accessing nutrition while competing, etc.)
  • Tips for adapting plan for unanticipated weather or other common issues