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Event Week Fuel Plan $140

For endurance events (such as running, cycling, triathlon races) and team sport competitions (games, meets, matches, or tournaments). This plan includes race/competition day(s), and the preceding week. This is recommended over the Event Day plan when an event has more complex requirements but can also help reduce stress and increase confidence for any competition. The custom plan is created based upon your past competition experiences, what you have practiced in training, projected conditions, performance goals, travel logistics, and dietary or taste preferences.

Event Week Fuel Plan might be for you if you:

  • Have questions about “carb loading” or glycogen stores
  • Are preparing for a particularly hot or humid outdoor event
  • Want to limit stress the week before your event
  • Are concerned about nutrition while traveling to an out-of-town event
  • Are at least 3 weeks out from your event (if it is closer, we may not be able to guarantee a plan turnaround in time – please message us to check)

Event Week Fuel Plan includes all benefits of an Event Day Fuel Plan plus:

  • Preceding week (6 days) of practical meals, snacks, and hydration, fully customized for 7 total days including your event
Shopping list, prep instructions, and/or grocery/restaurant suggestions matching your event week schedule or travel situation