Looking for help with DAILY NUTRITION, including everything from general health to long-term athletic development? Monthly Nutrition Coaching provides a personalized plan to address your unique needs. Meal Plans and Body Composition Testing are available à la carte and can easily be added to coaching.

1 Month of Nutrition Coaching 45 minutes + 3 weekly check-ins $110
3-Month Nutrition Coaching Bundle 3 x 45 minutes + 9 weekly check-ins $310
Custom Meal Plan --- $100
Body Composition Testing 45 minutes                                        $40


For those with a race or competition on the calendar, EVENT FUEL services will be more targeted. We can help plan your Event Day or Event Week down to the milligram with the foods and products you have successfully used in training. If you are hoping to try new products or have big events or progress in mind, our Race Fuel Training Program will guide you through testing your plan over 12 weeks to arrive at your competition with confidence.

Event Day Fuel Plan --- $100
Event Week Fuel Plan --- $140
Race Fuel Training Program

3 x 45 minutes + 9 weekly check-ins + Event Week Fuel Plan




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